the finer resistance


One good road out of the tragic ego is a sense of the ironical and the comic. You may get to the point where you realize that if you want happiness, you have to accept profoundly and honestly the sadness that waits at every turn. Every decision for happiness will get you in trouble, and your occasional courageous forays into the dark will likely give you a taste of heaven. Opposites weave back and forth into each other, like a thousand yins and yangs interpenetrating. Many theologians and religious people largely avoid irony and instead try to state their positions one-dimensionally, allowing no mystery, and therefore no real religion. Like all moralists, they may speak from anxiety and therefore can’t achieve the necessary humor. Humor is a sign of comfort with the unpredictable ways of God and nature. But in character you can turn everything upside down, making every small aspect of your dark night ironical. You can turn humiliation into courage, and fear into a love of whatever life is left to you.    ~Thomas Moore

do you know the dark night?……do you run? do you hide? do you listen?

inquiry for today~   what is the great mystery that lives within your life?

don’t say no

A man must wrestle till the dark center,

that is shut up close, break open,

and the spark lying therein kindle.

~Jacob Boehme

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