light to nowhere


Mine is a quiet revolution.

No fireworks light the sky

proclaiming liberation, just

the sure sense of presence

filling me with stillness.

I can’t seem to worry

anymore, can’t make myself

rush to finish what I once

deemed so important. Instead,

I stand awestruck before the sunrise, grateful for another

day to love and be loved-

so simple and so humbling.

~Danna Faulds

illumination comes upon the humble request of patience and mirroring hope….

inquiry for today~   you cannot resist really…….you lift yourself up each time you fall…..

not so much open, as receiving

Expand your awareness around the breath to the sense of your whole body, as if your whole body is breathing. Have a sense of the space your body takes up, and the space around you too. Let your awareness include any sensations you are feeling. Hold everything in this wider space of your awareness. See if you can let this sense of space and awareness be with you, throughout your day.     ~Tessa Watt

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