this side of faith


My final question, “How will I know when I have reached the destination?” brings me full circle, and I face the Mystery again. Perhaps the truth is that we never arrive, not because the journey is too long and too difficult but because we have been there all along. I am coming to believe that there is no final destination except to continue to be on the journey and to know that every place along the way is a holy place because God is present. I believe that God is calling us to stand on our own ground and know that it is holy and let our roots grow deep. And yet at the same time, the journey goes on. It is a paradox, I know, but perhaps we are traveling most faithfully when we know ourselves to be most at home.    ~Judith Smith

come home. settle in. no sentimental wrangling needed……

inquiry for today~   have you checking in with your values lately? really brought in a little faith? believe……

who knows?

The faith of the heart, our primordial faith, is something we have all experienced in our peak moments of aliveness. How did we experience it? As simple trust, as confidence: trust in life; confidence that we won’t be let down. At these moments, when we live from our heart, we are in touch with the heart of things. Spontaneously we realize: “There is faithfulness at the heart of all things,” as Oscar Cullmann put is so well. Spoken or unspoken, this conviction of faith is the root from which our beliefs spring. Beliefs can replace the experience of live faith, but they can help us keep it alive. No one could survive without that basic trust which is the faith all human beings have. This faith is one aspect of grateful aliveness; it is the courage of gratefulness.      ~Brother David Steindl-Rast


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