remnants of bliss


Follow your heart’s values and don’t be reluctant to lean into the wind. Our lives are unpredictable, but we always have choices. Let yourself sense life’s vitality, know life’s joyful and painful evanescence, and respond with your whole spirit. As Zorba the Greek reminds us, “Life is trouble. Only death is not. To be alive is to undo your belt and look for trouble.” Freedom offers a chance to live fully every day, true to our own spirit and gifts. Don’t be afraid to praise or blame. And whether it is outer freedom, inner freedom, or both- they do come together- know that you can choose to be joyful.  Take a breath.. Pause. When your life feels too full, being reminded that you are free can be unsettling. It’s okay. Yes, you are free to choose your attitude today- to be grateful, courageous, fearful, bitter, or loving.   ~Jack Kornfield

the wise ones laugh and let go…..and then they laugh and let go again….

inquiry for today~  find the edge of whatever is nagging at you today, and wish it well…..let it swell up and lean into it… an old friend……maybe, just maybe……

to have cared more deeply

“No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life,” wrote the thirty-year-old Nietzsche. “The true and durable path into and through experience,” Nobel-winning poet Seamus Heaney counseled the young more than a century later in his magnificent commencement address, “involves being true … to your own solitude, true to your own secret knowledge.”

Every generation believes that it must battle unprecedented pressures of conformity; that it must fight harder than any previous generation to protect that secret knowledge from which our integrity of selfhood springs. Some of this belief stems from the habitual conceit of a culture blinded by its own presentism bias, ignorant of the past’s contextual analogues. But much of it in the century and a half since Nietzsche, and especially in the years since Heaney, is an accurate reflection of the conditions we have created and continually reinforce in our present informational ecosystem — a Pavlovian system of constant feedback, in which the easiest and commonest opinions are most readily rewarded, and dissenting voices are most readily punished by the unthinking mob.


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