be kinder than you think you can be


The mind is like the ocean. And deep in the ocean, beneath the surface, it’s calm and clear. And no matter what the surface conditions are like, whether it’s smooth or choppy or even a full strength gale up there, deep in the ocean it’s tranquil and serene. From the depth of the ocean you can look toward the surface and simply notice the activity there, just as from the depth of the mind you can look upward toward the waves, the brain waves at the surface of your mind, all that activity of mind- the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories. Enjoy the opportunity to just observe those activities at the surface of your mind. At times it may be helpful to let your attention go back to the breath, and follow the breath to reground yourself in the tranquil place at the deepest depth of the mind. From this place it’s possible to become aware of the activities of the mind without being swept away by them, to discern that those are not the totality of who you are; that you are more than just your thoughts, more than your feelings. You can have those thoughts and feelings and also be able to just notice them with the wisdom that they are not your identity.   ~Daniel Siegel

there is no place to go except where you can go in any given moment……this is grace in the face of grit….

inquiry for today~    how will you forgive yourself today when you see beneath the surface?

you can fall

There is a kind of gentle grace that is required from us when it comes to regret. It is often said that we cannot forgive others if we cannot first forgive ourselves. Though one of the secrets is to leave no regrets, most of us will have a few. So we must choose to heal the regrets we do have, to bathe them in forgiveness, to know that in most cases we did the best we knew how to do at the time when we acted. It is a sign of our wisdom that we can embrace regret and let it go.    ~John Izzo

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