In our earlier years, we create a sense of self that is, hopefully, healthy enough to navigate the world and, in some senses, healthy enough to integrate the powerful transformation of spiritual practice. Yet the ego, created as a byproduct of the survival operating system, is our homing device, calling us back to what we know and most deeply yearn for. We begin to follow our own resonance and move- with our wounds- where grace calls us. Survival mode can hold our attention within its confines indefinitely, regardless of our longing and intuitive knowing. Only when we begin to reach toward the transformative energy of an authentic practice does the first quarter of our pilgrimage come to a close.     ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

we cannot think our way to understanding with an awakened calm……

inquiry for today~  maybe a little space to open and experience…..really step into your messy life and be there……

tenderness of adapting

What I’m coming to lately is an end-of-life conviction that there is more to consciousness than what is produced in my little head, or yours. Both of us have the capacity, at times, mysteriously, to get beyond whatever this small consciousness is doing and telling us. When we are able, when we are sufficiently still and relaxed—letting it happen, not doing it—we can receive a resonance from a greater consciousness.    ~James George

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