pathos & dreams


As we honestly confront  our deceptions of self and others, the wisdom gifts that emerge are authenticity, honesty, and integrity- all essential qualities of character development. Consistency among intention, word, and action shows that personal authenticity is aligned. As we use our discernment, and our wisdom increases, we become responsible for fully engaging in life rather than merely rehearsing it.   ~Angeles Arrien

how will you discern what is dawn and what is dusk in your life? how will you proceed?

inquiry for today~   how is passion lived in your divine life?

creation stories

It is puzzling that in the Western world we have concentrated on the divine intellect and the divine will. Yet the breathtaking flow of difference in the world suggests the beauty of the Divine Imagination which we have utterly neglected. When we bring in the notion of the imagination, we begin to discover a whole new sense of God. The emphasis on guilt, judgment, and fear begins to recede. The notion of the Divine Imagination brings out the creativity of God, and creativity is the supreme passion of God. When we bring in the missing dimension of imagination, the perspective changes and we get a glimpse of true beauty, the glorious passion, urgency and youthfulness of God. This portal of insight always needs to be balanced against the unknown in God which remains beyond the furthest dream of the mind’s light.    ~John O’Donohue

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