denial & leaning in

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Listening is where love begins:

listening to ourselves and then to our neighbors.

~Fred Rogers

listening may be one of the finer arts……we don’t often like what we hear and are so quick to dismiss….

inquiry for today~   reflect on a more subtle way to sit and be today…..notice how resistance rises up….

sifting through the past

Follow your heart’s values and don’t be reluctant to lean into the wind. Whether you are in the middle of a divorce, a business disaster, loss, death, or on the verge of a huge success, make something good come of it. Our lives are unpredictable, but we always have choices. We are free to respond, moment by moment. Even though you may be anxious, fear is often excitement holding its breath. Let yourself sense life’s vitality, know life’s joyful and painful evanescence, and respond with your whole spirit.

Freedom offers a chance to live fully every day, true to our own spirit and gifts. Don’t be afraid of praise or blame. And whether it is outer freedom, inner freedom, or both—they do come together—know that you can choose to be joyful.

~Jack Kornfield

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