suffering vs. pain


Grief and loss and suffering, even depression and spiritual crisis, the dark nights of the soul only worsen when we try to ignore or deny or avoid them. The healing journey begins when we turn toward them and learn how to work with them. When we stop fighting against our difficulties and find the strength to meet our demons and difficulties head-on, we often find that we emerge from our difficulties stronger and humbler and more grounded than we were before we experienced them. To survive our difficulties is to become initiated into the fraternity of wisdom.

The real tragedy is when we refuse to acknowledge and respect our own suffering, and instead spread it unconsciously to others.    ~Jack Kornfield

reality rarely matches our heart’s desires……it’s not about resisting pain….it’s about getting to know it better…..

inquiry for today~   can you separate the challenges of the day from the anguish that seems to go along with it?

time to come home

For anyone working to become more courageous, suffering can become an ideal source of growth. An indolent life without hardship of any kind is just like an empty ship, easily overturned by a storm.       ~Khenpo Sodargye

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