your sensory knowing


Once you’ve tasted the fruit of some spaciousness and resilience in your own mind- so that your issues are not so acute and your reactivity and stress are lessened- and you find a groove of direct, personal peace, you’re in a better position to help other people.  ~Jessica Morey

we learn to love through our senses….it’s how we learn to trust as well….

inquiry for today~   who do you see above and below? who calls you home?

how we protect ourselves

Separated from the objects of our dearest affections

Dear mother, y madre patria

And entering in some sort on a new state of existence


We are forced to fall back on our ow thoughts

I wonder what F’s doing

And we feel within ourselves a dreariness we have

never felt before.

I guess you mean homesickness.

~Alexander von Humboldt

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