who chooses?


This is letting go; we move through suffering and get to the other side without getting dragged down or stuck in the story or the personalization of the story. We usually try to repress, dismiss, or otherwise throw away our unpleasant experiences. When we do that, we actually throw a piece of ourselves away. But when we meet our experiences, even if they are experiences of pain and suffering, with gentleness and the simple kindness of awareness, they don’t stick. The path of spiritual practice is often called purification of the heart. We don’t have a choice about what we purify- rather, what needs purifying shows up in our lives. The question is whether we can be mindful enough to be present to it. The practice of mindfulness invites us to see that we are so much more than who we think we are and our full and beautiful lives are so much more than just our suffering. Can we be present for all of that too?   ~Larry Yang

do you even know your deepest hurts? would you recognize them on the street as they smiled and passed by?

inquiry for today~   how do you shift into a softer, but more vibrant meaning with the day?

feelin’ the depths

Inside each of us is a complex constellation of perceptions, ideas, feelings, and intentions that mutually affect one another. Our inner worlds interact with outer conditions to shape the world around us. We respond to external circumstances, but we also create them. In other words, our inner worlds and the outer world are intimately connected, and that interconnection is part of interdependence as well. Recognizing the full extent of interdependence will lead to a fundamental rethinking of who we are as human beings and of our place in the world we help create. Our inner world is the pivotal domain for bringing about real change in the world that we all share. Neither social nor environmental justice is possible without significant changes in our attitudes and the intentional behavior they give rise to. The transformation of our social and material world must begin within us.   ~Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

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