force of awareness


To recognize the basic goodness in everyone takes courage. Chogyam Trungpa calls this the task of the spiritual warrior, and says that the essence of human bravery is refusing to give up on anyone or anything. To radically accept life depends upon clearly seeing the full truth of it. Novelist and mystic Romaine Rolland says, “There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.” Seeing the world as it is means seeing not only the vulnerability and suffering of each person, but also the basic goodness of each person. When we embrace ourselves and others with Radical Acceptance, we are seeing past the roles, stories and behaviors that obscure our true nature. Seeing the goodness in others begins with seeing the goodness in ourselves. Even when we feel ashamed or depressed, resentful or insecure, we don’t give up on ourselves. The practices of lovingkindness awaken the love that is the flower of our goodness.    ~Tara Brach

we forget our sense of humor first…..and when we draw it back, we suddenly receive a little hit of perspective…..

inquiry for today~   how can you bring a sense of lightness to your shortcomings? to understand the other so that you then understand yourself…….

feeling unworthy

Most of us are very hard on ourselves. As we’ve noticed already in our practice, no matter how confident we may seem, we often have an internal voice which is critical and hard to please. If we are unforgiving to ourselves, we may find we are also hard on other people. Likewise, the more we can be kind to ourselves, the more genuine kindness we can show to others. Mindfulness practice shows us that we all have an innate capacity for kindness; we just need to create the right  conditions for it to flourish and flow. This is not a one-shot deal, but a lifelong process of opening up to ourselves and other people, as we are, with all our quirks and imperfections.    ~Tessa Watt


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