crafting your wild life

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Life is wild. Life is a wild ride, a ride between the highs and the lows, the mountains and the valleys, the via positiva and the via negativa. Nature is wild. We come from the wild- from the surging seas of the ocean, from the heat-blasting, hydrogen-exploding sun, from the supernovas bursting, from galaxies expanding, from the cooking fireball: We are made of wild stuff. There is fire inside of us as well as water. There is revolution as well as peace. There is the familiar, and there is the shockingly new. If we are to welcome creativity in ourselves and one another, we must also welcome back a sense of the wild, which is, as Thomas Berry insists, a sense of the sacred. The wild is that which is bigger than us. So, too, is the sacred. Creativity has something of the wild about it- and something of the sacred.    ~Matthew Fox

when you begin to lose your wild heart, dig in a little deeper……

inquiry for today~   may you know how much more is waiting under the first layer of the day…….under the first layer of who you think you are…….

your life as art

What is important is to keep our mind high in the world of true understanding, and returning to the world of our daily experience to seek therein the truth of beauty. No matter what we may be doing at a given moment, we must not forget it has a bearing upon our everlasting self which is poetry.   ~Basho


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