from the fringe of raw beauty


On Will & Surrender-  The Chinese poet Po Chü-I (772-846) recounts in a poem how he’d traveled so long on horseback that he’d fallen asleep in the saddle. For a moment, his reins had slackened. It seemed like an instant but he’d gone a hundred lengths while asleep. He’d exhausted himself all day; prodding the horse to push on; to go here, then there. But in his sleep, he loosened his grip, gave up control, and the horse, which seemed to wait for this chance, carried him easily. This is the tension between will and surrender. We push and push; insistent on keeping pace with the urgency of our dream. All for the moment that we exhaust ourselves. And letting go the reins, the horse of spirit quickens its pace and carries us on.   ~Mark Nepo

where imagination ignites our life’s passions……here we engage and transform and connect to our truest vulnerability……

inquiry for today~   how is your most passionate and original voice heard today? what is revealed when you let go? feel beautiful from the inside out……

your beauty defined

Beauty is never simply in the mind alone. Beauty awakens for us through what we hear, touch, taste, scent, and see. The great traditions have always recognized that beauty is a mysterious presence. Beauty envelops the heart and mind. In beauty’s presence there is no longer any separation between thought and senses, between heart and soul. Indeed, the experience of beauty confirms the intricate harmony and creative tension of senses and thought. The dream of beauty is the self drawn forth to its furthest awakening, where the sense and the soul are utterly alive and yet in a harmony, brimming with presence.  ~John O’Donohue

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