emerging more lightly

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Meditations that train the heart and the mind directly deactivate the anger pathways that propel our habitual behaviors. Mindfulness is the remembering that helps us pause and recognize what is happening in the present moment. Once we have paused, we can call on the higher brain centers to open new possibilities. We can soothe ourselves, we can recall another person’s difficulties and vulnerability, we can remember our own goodness and strength. This awakening is our evolutionary potential: For the sake of our own inner freedom and the well-being of others, we can intentionally feed the understanding, kind self.    ~Tara Brach

how we soothe ourselves and those we care about becomes a way of forgiveness……

inquiry for today~   find your intention for the good of your day through honest reclaiming of your best self…..

suddenly, you know

The key is not to grasp, or swim against the tide, but to go along and allow the elements to balance. By skillfully and strategically letting go, I can safely reach the shore.     ~Kim Larrabee


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