receiving loss

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They say that when you stop searching desperately for what is no more, you can be found by what is. I do know that I have to let go- a loved one, an unbroken home- but I don’t know what will replace it. What I have to do now is go straight through the waves of emotions and loneliness, stand my ground, and look deep inside myself. Now that there’s a little distance it’s easier to dismantle the fairy-tale, shatter my idealizations, and see what is true. Quite possibly I will come out the other side stronger, as a person with a more profound experience of life.     ~Susan Smit

we change when we move through our losses…….it’s that simple really…….but how we change is the mystery……

inquiry for today~   what and who is home? what is never shattered?

in memory of Mom’s birthday

Life becomes meaningful through death, and death through life. This is what makes everything valuable and worthless at the same time. It’s precisely when you accept that contradiction, and then let it go, that you can see things just as they are. And you can only find it in silence.    ~Henk Van Straten

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