how can I make you understand?

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We are learning how to remind ourselves that we always have a choice about how we step into the future. We are learning to remind ourselves that we can always begin again.   ~Jillian Pransky

we don’t often find space in our lives where mercy and tenderness reign……

inquiry for today~   reflect on who you would be if you shifted a central story of your life… it true?

let your guard down

When we assume a belief is truth, there is no room for other possibilities, for new information, for a larger perspective. Pausing and questioning our belief can begin to open the windows of our mind to the fresh air of reality.   When I investigate how believing “something is wrong with me” affects my life, I can sense how it blocks me from feeling loving and loved. This often brings up what I call “soul sadness,” a tenderness that is full of compassion. In these moments I am living in a presence that is not confined by my belief.   ~Tara Brach

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