and then I saw…


I was carried away, seeing, absorbing many wonders. Dainty abandon, sometimes as if Nature laughing on a hillside in the sunshine; serious and firm monotonies, as of winds; a horn sounding through the tangle of the forest, and the dying echoes; soothing floating of waves, but presently rising in surges, angrily lashing, muttering, heavy; piercing peals of laughter, for interstices; now and then weird, as Nature herself is in certain moods — but mainly spontaneous, easy, careless — often the sentiment of the postures of naked children playing or sleeping.  It did me good even to watch the violinists drawing their bows so masterly — every motion a study. I allow’d myself, as I sometimes do, to wander out of myself. The conceit came to me of a copious grove of singing birds, and in their midst a simple harmonic duo, two human souls, steadily asserting their own pensiveness, joyousness.    ~Walt Whitman

when we catch a glimpse of the wind- not how it feels, but how we see it, and then feel it differently…..

inquiry for today~  notice how beauty can be most easily felt in a daydream…..

look again and see

When I saw the wheelchair man

with spindly limbs twist his neck to the sun,

I wanted to take the newborn from the blanket

and put her in his hands.

And when the blind woman knelt at the stoplight

to hug her dog, I wanted to embrace everyone

who ever showed me an inch of truth.

There is less and less between heart and world.

In the morning, I am sure

this is a deep blessing.

By night, it seems a curse.

In time, our pains in being here

crack open into a soft wonder

that no one owns.

I notice everything now, and more,

I am everything I notice.

Like one who suddenly sees while staring,

I now know love, though I have been loving.

To watch the sun rim your face,

your head in my lap, while small birds sing—

I could have died there on that bench,

but want so much to live.

~Mark Nepo


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