remember how to be


Learning to be measured, to be steady in our pace,

is a process that must take place in the body.

When we strive to do things we are learning strife.

When we strain we are leaning strain.

In time practice helps us learn to move more easily,

to be un-driven, to flow.

Study the way waves wash onto the shore,

or the way rings float out on a lake

when a pebble splashes through the surface,

moving without apparent effort. There is

an organic pace to this. We, too, have an organic pace.

Silence can help us feel it.

When we sit quietly we will sense

how long an interval of siting is right for us.

When we practice steadily we will also know

how often to return to silence in any given day.

~Gunilla Norris

just a few moments. really.  just a few moments can make all the difference in all that we know…….we think we know……

inquiry for today~  can you find 20 minutes to sit? even in the parking lot of wherever you are…..check in… the meaning behind your day…….

how do you know your sweetness?

We all have places in our lives that we unconsciously avoid giving too much awareness to. These places remain in the shadows, in the dark unknown. The more in touch we are with who we truly are- joyful, free, selfless, and pure- the more those shadows recede.    ~Daju Suzanne Friedman

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