an ordinary profundity


Metta meditation is a practice that involves concentrating and reciting, either silently or out loud, phrases of good wishes toward yourself and others. It’s about being determined, courageous, and patient in purifying your own heart and mind. When you practice good will, you remove fear and negative reactivity from your mind. When you practice metta, you kind of work up a ladder. You go from people like family and friends, people it’s easy for you to feel good will toward, to those you don’t know. Then, ascending as you are able to – not forcing anything- you extend wishes for safety, happiness, and peace to those you dislike and those you consider your enemies. Finally, at the ultimate level, you extend your good will to all living beings in the universe. “May all beings be safe and protected from harm. May each and every being without exception be strong and healthy. May all living beings be peaceful and know true happiness. May each and every living being without exception live their lives with more joy and ease. And together may we complete the great journey of awakening.”    ~Mushim Patricia Ikeda

you are illuminated and merciful……remember…..

inquiry for today~   how will you love fiercely today? how will you remember?

how we honor

Shinran, the founder of Shin Buddhism, broke with Japanese tradition to start a religion of radical egalitarianism that opened the benefits of Buddhism to everyone. Some experience a great, life-altering breakthrough followed by lesser realizations that aid in one’s maturation; others experience a series of smaller realizations that punctuate a deepening process of awakening. Great or small, little or big, each moment is beyond compare as an expression of the awakening of infinite light. This is our dance with reality and with ourselves, the rhythm and song “anamu,” our foolishness, and “Amida Butsu,” the wellspring of boundless compassion that arises from our own deepest, truest reality. Ultimately, even the nembutsu (chanting) arises not from ourselves, from our own ego, but is experienced as a call from the deepest level of reality, from the depths of our own being, in which the flow of emptiness or oneness is realized in each manifestation of form and appearance. Shinran’s egalitarianism is rooted in the realization of profound oneness with all beings. It is radical in its inclusivity, beyond words and in the depth of self-awareness.   ~Mark Unno

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