inner & outer world


I just want to underline the connection that you repeatedly make, which might be counterintuitive. You talk about spirituality and you are also always equally talking about- these are some of the phrases from your writing that echo things you said- “wild love for the world” or even “an erotic connection with the world.” That’s right. World as lover, world as self. And it’s ok for our hearts to be broken over the world. What else is a heart for? There’s a great intelligence there. We are the earth. We breathe it. We taste it. We are it, and it is time now that we venerate that incredible flowering of life that takes every aspect of our physicality. I look at my hands. I’m 81 years old, and they’re linked to hands like this back through the ages. Every particle and every atom in this hand goes back to the beginning of space-time. We’re part of that story. You’re always asked to sort of stretch a little bit more. And actually we’re made for that. This moment, you’re alive.    Krista Tippett/Joanna Macy

consider your burdens……consider the burdens of the world…..where do they connect?

inquiry for today~   how will you tolerate your own tight restriction? how will you find a sense that vastness?

and when we reflect

Sense vastness. Galaxies turn in the timeless universe, life renews itself again and again. It is not your body, but eternity’s body, known by eternity’s awareness. It is always now. Breathe. Rest in spacious silence. Trust. And when you get up, let your actions arise out of stillness. Resting in eternity you will naturally know how to respond, create, embody. But the actions will arise from The One Who Knows.    ~Jack Kornfield

2 thoughts on “inner & outer world

  1. Most talk as if we came from nothing and are bound for eternity, when in fact we came from eternity, we are conscious of an eternal now, and will return from whence we came …

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