when the stillness finds you

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Your soul is the place where your memory lives. Since linear time vanishes, everything depends on memory. In other words, our time comes in yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. Yet there is another place within us that lives in eternal time. That place is called the soul. The soul, therefore, lives mainly in the mode of eternity. This means that as things happen in your yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows and fall away with transience, they fall and are caught and held by the net of the eternal in your soul. There they are gathered, preserved, and minded for you. Consequently, as your body ages and gets weaker, your soul is in fact getting richer, deeper, and stronger.     ~John O’Donohue

consider the soul as an anchor….a way in…..

inquiry for today~   maybe there’s a lingering question that can be shifted into a soul-breath….simply feeling ready to be with the coming dark…….

when the path appears

Each breath is an invitation into the oneness of the Absolute. Each breath connects all levels of reality, the inner and the outer. Through the breath, heaven and earth unite. Why is the moment between the breaths so important, so meaningful? With each in-breath we return from the physical world to the inner plane of the Self. If one is very attentive one can experience an instant of bliss at the end of the in-breath, which is a momentary experience of bliss of the Self, known as anandamaya kosha (the sheath of the soul). In this experience of Self, no matter how brief, we are free from time, awake in the timeless realm of the soul, in the bliss and peace that is our real nature.    ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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