what works?

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When you consider it, the world of your action and activity is a very precious world. What you do should be worthy of you; it should be worthy of your attention and dignity, and conform to your respect for yourself. If you can love what you do, then you will do it beautifully.  If you only awaken your will and intellect, then your work can become your identity. When the will and intellect are brought as deliberate forces into the workplace, this only makes the bland similarity even more entrenched. When the imagination, the force of illumination in the soul, is allowed to stir, it opens up the workplace in a completely new way.

~John O’Donohue

you create your own mystery…..and then you notice how it deadens with drudgery….

inquiry for today~   where is drudgery actually intriguing and moving forward?……

hollowed out

No one wants to admit it, but moving through trouble is what leads us to joy. As a guitar or violin is hollow in order to make music, we are hollowed by experience. So avoiding trouble is impossible. This doesn’t mean we have to seek out suffering or pray to our pain. We simply have to find the resilience to face what we’re given and ask for help along the way. From the beginning of time, human beings have tried to get out of here, only to be humbled to find that Heave waits inside what we wake in. Ultimately, we’re asked to navigate trouble, not to seek it or eliminate it.

~Mark Nepo

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