footprints left behind & followed


Letting go has more to do with patience than it does with release. There is a difference in direction, in valence, and in spin from how we commonly think of it. There is a famous phrase in Japanese Buddhism that tries to explain this. “Learn the backward step that turns your light toward to illuminate your self,” it suggests. Then “body and mind of themselves will drop away, and your original face will be manifest.” this backward step is another of way of describing Right Action. You settle into yourself rather than trying to make the troubling thing go away. If anything drops away, it does so by itself. You cannot make it happen differently.   ~Mark Epstein

did you find the heart of winter yet?

inquiry for today~    we perpetually seek a better way….somehow wanting to make it our own….maybe balance is not really about shifting anything…..

learn ordinary ways

One of the reasons I resist acknowledging suffering in my life is that I just want things to be okay. I know that love is possible. I know that skillful living is possible. And I know the harmony and joy that come when those two possibilities are brought together. It all seems so simple: let’s just do that, have that, be that, and not worry about anything else. And life shrugs. As my heart softens around my own and other people’s behavior, everything starts to feel workable- everything starts to feel okay.   ~Rolf Gates

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