wake up gently

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Especially if we feel worn down, it is wise and compassionate to take breaks, to rest, to direct our attention elsewhere. When we encounter an especially rough patch, we may need the support of a meditation teacher, healer or therapist to help us hold our experience with presence and care. With time, as the good fairy promised, coming home to our body can be our rite of passage. As we bring a gentle attention to the ground of sensations, we free ourselves from the reactive stories and emotions that have kept us bound in fear. By inhabiting our body with awareness, we reclaim our life and our spirit.     ~Tara Brach

this clear mind that comes with being more available to your own process….your own pains and sensitivities…..

inquiry for today~   how will you feel the dawn and the dusk? signalling a connection to your cycles of being…..

at the first possibility

The spiritual life, which affirms and includes all experience in awareness, tends to manifest joy that radiates from an inner source. It cannot be found by searching in the outer world, but when the source within is awakened it is reflected in all things. In the words of Kalu Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist teacher, “When you practice the Dharma the clouds of sorrow will drift away and the sun of wisdom and great joy will be shining in the clear sky of your mind.” Experiencing spiritual happiness is contingent on awareness. In time it may become a pervasive feeling of well-being. It is not a separate state to be acquired or added to a repertoire, but can be expressed in communication at any level of consciousness.    ~Frances Vaughan

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