how to hold your attention

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Each of us has our own measure of pain. Sometimes the pain we suffer is great and obvious; sometimes it is subtle. Our pain can reflect the coldness of our families, the trauma of our parents, the stultifying influence of much modern education and media, the difficulties of being a man or a woman. As a result, we often feel that we have been cast out. To survive we have to cover our heart, build up a layer of clay, and defend ourselves. We lose the belief that we are worthy of love.

The mystic Simone Weil tells us, “The danger is not that the soul should doubt whether there is any bread, but that, by a lie, it should persuade itself that it is not hungry.” Compassion reminds us that we do belong, as surely as we have been lost.

Always remember to put your trust in compassion and self-love. From this comes a shift of identity, a release from the covering of clay, a return to our original goodness.   ~Jack Kornfield

what is awareness? a power of the one who sees to engage and direct…..

inquiry for today~  what do you see? how do you see? how do you interpret? what do you know then?

how you care for me

Another tool to cultivate your attention is what I call “active empathy.” Learn to employ Walt Whitman’s “invisible hand’ and empathetically reach to to touch the surfaces, textures, weight, and shapes of what is sen. Use your empathetic hand to sense the subject within your own body- in an active engagement with seeing. You might also call this your “listening sense.” Try this with your whole body; inwardly move and dance to the rhythms inherent in the subject. Inward attention can directly receive what the subject emanates. When you look in this way, the world becomes a living being available to your awareness. Treat the world as a thou, not an it.   ~David Ulrich

2 thoughts on “how to hold your attention

  1. I always enjoy your daily message but today it really struck a deep chord. Thank you for all that you share – in person and your wonderful thought provoking blog. 🙏🏻❤️Jo-Ann

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