looking out from the lonely mirror

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It has been years since I’ve enjoyed the sweetness of a symbolic life, since the time when the world spoke to me like a metaphor. In those youthful days of spiritual awakening, the world was strangely transparent, and every chance encounter, every passing sight, held out the promise of deeper meaning. All of life pointed to the existence of a higher reality. It was a time of openness and wonder, and of deep contemplation. According to Kabbalah, contemplation upon the different aspects of the human dimension—one’s thoughts, feelings and actions—can lead a person to an understanding of the Divine attributes. Within the human dimension, the richest symbol of all is the self, and contemplating the self is the primary means of apprehending something of the Divine Being. The beauty of contemplative life is that it allows a person time to engage in a pure act of self-reflection, until the self yields up its secrets as the very expression of God’s Being—His malchus—in the world. Through contemplation upon the “I” of the self, one can achieve knowledge of the true “I” of creation.     ~Eliezer Shore

you are the mystery….in all of your desires and contradictions and idiosyncrasies….

inquiry for today~   when you need no measuring up, you realize you are human…….

read the longings

When you see people protecting their small tribes and self-constructed identities as if they were lasting or inherently meaningful, you know that they’ve not yet experienced substantial reality. When you allow the flow of substantial reality through your life, you are a catholic person in the truest sense of the word, a universal person living beyond these tiny boundaries that human beings love to create.   ~Richard Rohr

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