find the sun

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Each individual is touched by nature and in silence in their own unique way. There’s no magic formula- it’s arrogant to assume that there is a formula. One factor is the willingness of each individual to spend some time contemplating where they are in life. What has meaning and what doesn’t? On our 3 days- 3 nights wilderness experience- the transformational crucible is the outer world. In many ways the outer is really a mirror of what the person is doing internally.     ~Angeles Arrien

abide. seek. revisit.

inquiry for today~   come outside…..listen to the winter wind……be cold and feel……

where you meet your shadows

Especially now that I am 82, when I dance with tree, or ocean, or wind, I feel transposed. It takes me to a place beyond life, beyond death. And it helps me to accept death, and that’s a big one for me- to feel a way to look at death as a cycle of life. I find that transformative quality when I relate to the natural environment. I can’t explain why, but it’s a partnership that changes my consciousness.    ~Anna Halprin

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