your inner purpose


Suffering occurs in different orders of magnitude in a human life. We may not yet thoroughly acknowledged the inherent, enduring unease of “being a self.” Chances are, though, we have acknowledged our suffering before- especially when it’s been intense or protracted. By a certain age, we’ve all known heartbreak, struggle, and profound disappointment. Humanity knows suffering- the great, acknowledged “vale of tears.” Each of us is asked to bear it in this precious life. An insight from the Sufi tradition views our task as human beings as one of transforming suffering into joy. Human suffering is searing and poignant. It can open our hearts and our sense of connection with every other suffering being. We need to be willing to surrender whatever self-referential story we’re telling- especially in formal practice but certainly also throughout the day. Our surrender allows grace to work its way with us. Such willingness to surrender usually takes time, grace, continued inquiry, and deepening realization. Deepening realization opens us to grace- we offer our being more fully to be transformed by grace.     ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

when we notice immediate pressures of time and obligation, we have an opportunity to return to our grounded and safe space….

inquiry for today~    how will you know the difference between your larger-than-life story and the day-to-day grit? does it matter?

nearby peace and wonder

The treasure we desire most hides where we would never choose to go on our own; were that not the case many more would already have set out. Meanwhile, the soul sits at the intersection of time and timelessness, at the junction of dreams and waking life. It never tires of life’s confusing journey because it finds hints of the divine in every event. Each night it shapes a bridge intended to bring the two worlds closer so that the divine might pour more freely into the mundane, so that the unseen might help us to see. Being foolish for the dream of our own life turns out to be how we help sustain the dream of the world.   ~Michael Meade

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