you can’t step outside the light


Standing in my dead father’s apartment, cleaning it out, sifting through all his belongings and writings, one thing crystallized in a way that transcended cliché. Savor every bloody moment of aliveness. Don’t delay the delight to a day that may never come. Don’t wait for the last breath before you wake up. Savor every smile, every breeze, every kiss, every meal, every walk, every sleep, every sprinkle of faith. None of it is an illusion. It’s all the real deal. Savor the gift of breath.    ~Jeff Brown

and then we remembered how much we loved those tiny little treasures in our day… sappy and complete and unabashedly true….

inquiry for today~   do you notice where/when/how you love your life?

where we left things undetermined

The old idea is that when tragedy strikes or when an obstacle blocks us, there are only two possibilities. We either become a smaller person or we become a bigger person. If it’s a real life change you cannot come out the same. So therefore, you’re either going to come out smaller or you are going to rise up and ultimately come out of it a bigger person.
~Michael Meade

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