trust. not lightly.


I had lived many years in a small protected community. Then it came to me that it was time to go back to society to serve. I began an integration, going back and forth. I worked at an AIDS hospice and crisis center. Once a month I would return to my community, my heart longing for silence.I would stand in line when the gift of food was presented, and feel how each thing there, even the most ordinary, was held in a holy way. This is actually how it is all the time; this is the mystery of grace. I knew it wasn’t just the prayer or meditation that was important. It was the silence, stopping and taking a breath, opening the heart, seeing that the whole planet, and everything on it, is holy. I want to bring the beauty with me to everyone I touch. So I return to silence regularly. I know if I can stop and remember this, life will fulfill its promise to me. From moments of stillness, the most skillful way to love and serve becomes clear. By stopping to listen we connect with one another, and true community is born.   ~Jack Kornfield

your trust comes from the doubt that plagues you steadily and readily and fixedly….

inquiry for today~  settle into all of the discomfitures of a lifetime…….they are your emblem of living deeply…..

do not be fooled by being disheartened

The moment you become innocent, you have found a direct line to the divine. Your heartbeat synchronizes with the heartbeat of the universe.   ~ Osho

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