no crisis, only icons


The kind of spirituality that fosters enchantment is not the variety that feeds on creed alone. It is the kind that discovers holiness around every corner. Some forms of spirituality aim infinitely high, and we them reflected in towering buildings and church steeples. But there is a spirituality that is more like a lowly emanation from the most humble and earthbound things; that of a particular house, a garden, a neighborhood, a grove of trees, a pristine beach, a holy well, a field of wheat. Here spirituality is indistinguishable from enchantment, for in an enchanted world the things of nature and even of culture reek of holiness. Human life stands between two realms, for human life is defined essentially by the soul, which is the mediating element that enjoys both the aspirations of the most transcendent spirituality and the lowliest devotion to nature and human endeavor.    ~Thomas Moore

remember what keeps you alive- this will guide you and sustain you….

inquiry for today~   who do you listen to? who’s truth is your own? who is the one speaking, preaching, and directing?

religion sings the existential crisis out loud

Man models himself on the Earth;

The Earth models itself on Heaven;

Heaven models itself on the Way;

And the Way models itself on that which is so on its own.

~Tao Te Ching


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