be real or go home

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Each day the first day: each day a life.
Each morning we must hold out the chalice
of our being to receive, to carry, and
give back. It must be held out empty—for
the past must only be reflected in its polish,
its shape, its capacity.

~Dag Hammarskjöld

sit in your little bubble and learn how to be more real….

inquiry for today~    what do you sense is the real deal? the truth? the uncommon ground? your sweetest song?

you can’t possibly know, can you?

It has been years since I’ve enjoyed the sweetness of a symbolic life, since the time when the world spoke to me like a metaphor. In those youthful days of spiritual awakening, the world was strangely transparent, and every chance encounter, every passing sight, held out the promise of deeper meaning. All of life pointed to the existence of a higher reality. It was a time of openness and wonder, and of deep contemplation. I do not remember when I fell away from the symbolic life—it must have happened gradually—but I am aware of the consequences. It is the difference between feeling fulfilled in life and feeling empty, between a sense of closeness to God, and the fear that one is never doing enough. On the lowest level, it manifests itself in the pursuit of meaning through material acquisition. On the highest level, it means a spirituality based upon accomplishment and attainment, and the constant desire for spiritual experiences. This is the story of our society. We have long ago lost the symbolic approach to life, as we have lost a truly religious perspective. Today, we are looking desperately for symbolic meaning in a world based on quantity.

If our society is to reach its goal, we must re-envision human life and social organization in terms of cooperation and community—as an organism moving toward God—rather than in terms of quantification, with the egoism and competition that result.

Day by day, I am driven by forces that I do not understand—striving to be better, longing for God, moving toward a goal that I cannot foresee. Sometimes, a person can be so obsessed with the parts that he does not see the whole he is slowly building. Perhaps, it is precisely the search for the symbolic in the world of amount that transforms number into something higher. My deepest hope is that before the last day, God will assemble the disparate pieces of my life into a structure that reveals His will.

~Rabbi Eliezer Shore

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