for all the souls we have known

1-IMG_2657 copy.JPG

It must have been the light
slanting across veils of rain,
when this island, all grey stone and bare
became a vision in gold and gleam

or perhaps it was the smell of sea,
wind swirling up the stony spine,
gulls criss-cross, weaving a new story,
one more truly your own

and something in you had already
bowed low, astonished,
you found yourself singing
after so many years of silence

and the great betrayals of your life
sheared away like winter’s wool,
a quiet descends on your thoughts
and you know there is no leaving.

Slowly, hundreds follow also seeking
the way light and water and stone
can remind of elemental things,
how time suspends as it travels

out on the tide,
returns with its offering:
your reflection in the pools formed
on shore, you no longer look through but in.

~Christine Valters Paintner

what have you found in your short time here? is your life interesting?

inquiry for today~   maybe your heart was left behind….maybe your heart remembered and came back to find you…….

are you here?

Our lives move from hope to hope, and at bottom all hope is hope for change. And under it all we all long for freedom. From selfish to selfless, from petty to profound, with more or less awareness and compassion, we seek freedom from suffering and from separation. We seek ways to be more vibrantly alive, to be with life. Our greatest fear is breaking down, and our greatest hope is breaking open.

~Tracy Cochran


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