you are from the ancient ways


The idea is not simply to age well, but to become ancient in ways that draw upon the archetypal knowledge that sustained the ancestors and that can guide the future. If those growing older become more like elders, the roots of deep imagination that nourish the ongoing story of life may be found again. If life becomes more attuned to the promptings and yearnings of the inner patterns of life, culture may become less random and accidental and become again more purposeful and meaningful, less filled with fear and more imbued with beauty. Living wisdom requires a sense of story, a narrative intelligence that recognizes what is important and enduring and weird enough to survive.   ~Michael Meade

silent prayer works for the waves and waves of challenges…..but we have to remember first….

inquiry for today~  what does it mean to pause and to feel the mud?

earth and mud

Even if it feels as if they define us, we can always make a choice to evolve our stories. And in doing so, we ourselves evolve. It’s not only the stories of our past that we need to create kind, gentle space for. New salt shows up every single day- as challenges, difficult feelings, tough encounters. Our salt can come from big things or little things; the magnitude of the event is not important. We simply want to be able to pause and recognize it all as salt- then make the choice to relax and to stay present and open.    ~Jillian Pransky

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