unraveling our shoulds


In our daily lives we are always carrying around self-conscious awareness. Being so familiar with that state of mind, we think it is normal and have to work at cutting it away. Only humans are stuck on how they are or should be. The healthiest way of being is to have no need to explain our being, but for it to manifest naturally. We get stuck because we feel a need to explain. This is the essence of zazen: in everything to become what we are doing completely and totally. Don’t think about extra things, but live totally embracing just what comes to you, not carrying thoughts about the past or wondering what’s going to happen in the future. The cultivation of flowing mind is zazen. Then we can become the flower, become the moon, become the stars- absorbed into them, we become everything we encounter completely and totally. That is our correct state of mind.    ~Shodo Harada Roshi

when we ask where we come from, how can we possibly ask where we are going?

inquiry for today~   notice those shifts in perception that shift you back to basics…..find the winding way in your day of mundane habits and nuances……no need to ask how it all should be……

how to stay

It is so important to understand awareness as a connector to something greater than me, to my source, really. My presence is the doorway to that, even at the moment that I acknowledge that I don’t know who I am and I see my lack of presence. But that is the beginning of a real wish for it, a wish to be.

And when I have that wish, then maybe something can reach me that is of an absolutely different quality. I may perceive it as an axis of light running down through my physical body, which has a different origin. Gurdjieff says the physical body comes from this earth, and this other … my essence … comes from the stars, from the sun, from higher up, in a sense, closer to the source.   ~James George

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