how. why. when. discover.


The self-assured strength that grows from knowing that we already have what we need makes us gentle. We are gentle because we are no longer desperate. We might associate gentleness with being demure or afraid. On the contrary, lack of aggression is the fruition of the tiger’s path. It comes from the insight that being pushy makes things harder.  “Being aggressive, you can accomplish some things, but with gentleness, you can accomplish all things.”   ~Sakyong Mipham

there are so many ways to mistrust…..which one will you choose?

inquiry for today~   how will you step out of the game? how will you come back to what you know is true?

no one can save you

The general goal is to link soul and spirit, the vitality of everyday life with the interiority that comes from contemplation. Spirit and soul work best when one is connected to the other. To a person intent on getting somewhere, these are not appealing developments, but to the human soul it is important to get out of the busy life, to be dissuaded from familiar activities, and to step outside the paradigm that has become habitual and taken for granted. To be “deworlded” means to have a rare opportunity to consider a different way of life. You can’t renew life without stepping out of the pattern that is in place.    ~Thomas Moore

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