why I lean in to your heart


It may be that the ability to know the necessity for help; to know how to look for that help and then most importantly, how to ask for it, is one of the primary transformative dynamics that allows us to emancipate ourselves into each new epoch of our lives. Without the understanding that we need a particular form of aide at every crucial threshold in our lives and without the robust vulnerability in asking for that help we cannot pass through the door that bars us from the next dispensation of our lives: we cannot birth ourselves. In the very end comes also another beginning, the ancient sense of a door opening to some final unknown, some invisible voice attempting to help us come to terms with our own disappearance, the hand extended to help us over a horizon equally as mysterious as the one we crossed at our birth.  ~David Whyte

finding truth is always a step ahead, sliding down a slippery slope, and when reckoned with- a matter of divine trust….

inquiry for today~   ask for help today……out of the head and into the heart……

where is the heart I left behind?

Look carefully around you, and recognize the luminosity of souls.


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