reclaim your attention


Walk us back to our wildness, where we can become clear, in our feral states, about what we need to do and how we need to be. Split us open at the beautypoint, where our abilities meet the energy of our hearts. Crack through us with your lightning bolts, and allow us to channel your divine electricity into all that we do.

~Pixie Lighthorse

and all of your well-meaning is not really divine calling until you hear the notes of humility and beauty and the subtle qualities of fire and light and being…..

inquiry for today~   who is here? who is singing? who is lifted up?

finish and begin

No matter what health issues we face, we can commit to letting go of all the extra baggage that can show up over time. The instinct that lays blame or rejects our shortcomings only gets in the way of progress. Meditation helps by giving us an opportunity to sit with discomfort. Much of what arises in meditation sheds light on unpleasantness we may otherwise avoid habitually. Practice settling and seeing life clearly, laying the groundwork for a happier, healthier life.   ~Mark Betin

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