what is blooming today?


Start by resting in the space of mindful awareness. After a time, notice the waves of your feelings and thoughts and the coming and going of sounds in your environment. Let all these experiences rise and fall like waves of the ocean while you rest in awareness itself. To steady this witnessing, notice the natural wave of the breath underneath all the other waves. And as you feel your breath come and go, let all the other waves of experience- the sensations, feelings, and thoughts- rise and fall like waves of the ocean around the breath. If a strong experience carries your awareness away from your breath, let go of the breath and witness this new wave with the same spacious attention that you’ve given to your breath. as if to bow to it, name it gently: sadness or excitement, longing, planning, remembering, fear, tingling or coolness in the body, or sounds in your environment. Whatever arises, receive it with mindful and kind attention. Name it gently and feel the wave move through your body and mind, and then watch it pass away. And when it passes away, return to the breath and rest again in the open space of awareness. Let the body be solid like a mountain and the mind open like the sky.     ~Jack Kornfield

what are you searching for? and can you sense your body reaching?

inquiry for today~  this amazement- this dull day- this ever-reaching question…..how will I live well today?

align to the details of nuance

Time says “Let there be”
every moment and instantly
there is space and the radiance
of each bright galaxy.

And eyes beholding radiance.
And the gnats’ flickering dance.
And the seas’ expanse.
And death, and chance.

Time makes room
for going and coming home
and in time’s womb
begins all ending.

Time is being and being
time, it is all one thing,
the shining, the seeing,
the dark abounding.

~Ursula K. Le Guin

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