true separation


Developing a practice of return can help us regain clarity. One way to return to what matters is to put all the urgency of a situation, with all its difficult decisions and impending implications, on an imaginary shelf, to be looked at later. Then, without the weight of your situation, you can simply see and feel where you are. In time, your direct connection to unscripted life will be renewed. Yet sometimes it’s only through extended stillness or exhaustion that we finally stop and go clear like water. When stilled of all that stirs us, we can see what is life-giving. When quiet and still, we rediscover that regardless of where we search, life is never someplace else.

~Mark Nepo

how do we define our psychospiritual wanderings? what is the harmonious whole?

inquiry for today~   slide into a unified consciousness through all the fragmentation of an ordinary life…….

layered psyche

The homeward or returning path is an evolutionary transformation, because through an unfolding of latent capacities the individual becomes personally aware of his or her unity with the original source-Self. The return path is an involutionary transformation also, in the sense that it is a retracing, a refolding of personality back into the vast, all-embracing, all-containing context or ground of pure being. The homeward journey always returns us to Spirit; this is both an unfolding, developing process and an enfolding, enveloping process, depending on our point of view. To recognize is to re-cognize, to know again, to discover again that which was in the beginning. The homeward journey is one of self-revelation, in which we gain insight into our true nature and awareness of the alienation of our ordinary condition. We may see, of we are so graced, the original face we had before we were born, or become one with our primordial nature.

~Ralph Metzner

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