resisting the pause

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The idea behind Nowhere- choosing to sit still long enough to turn inward- is at heart a simple one. So much of our lives takes place in our heads- in memory or imagination, in speculation or interpretation- that sometimes I feel that I can best change my life by changing the way I look at it. As William James reminded us, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” It’s the perspective we choose- not the places we visit- that ultimately tells us where we stand. One of the beauties of Nowhere is that you never know where you’ll end up when you head in its direction, and though the horizon is unlimited, you may have very little sense of what you’ll see along the way.     ~Pico Iyer

questions in our dizzying life are the way of deep freedom….

inquiry for today~   it feels so good and right to simply let it all go sometimes…….but how?

choiceless, boundless, free

Paying attention is the platform for leaving suffering. Simply witness the truth of the situation. The pause allows us to simply not, to simply see. Rest in clear seeing. Rest in the present and the capacity to see. Rest in the moment without “I.” There is great nourishment to be drawn from such moments. These are the moments Thomas Keating, the great teacher of contemporary Centering Prayer, recognized as the moments in which “divine therapy’ can do its work.     ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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