what did you believe yesterday?


Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.

Live in silence.

Flow down and down in always

Widening rings of being.


what is true? what is real? and why?

inquiry for today~   your story is real, but is it the whole truth? notice the ever-changing wind today….

feel the breeze

The next time you awaken from a train of thoughts, take a moment to ground yourself in presence- in your immediate experience of sensations, feelings, sounds- and then compare being here to where you’ve been. Waking up from thought is much like waking up from a dream. While we’re in it, the dream experience is real; we react to its story line with real emotions, pleasure, and pain. But the dream is not true. It pictures and sound bites represent only fragments of the living world. Similarly, thoughts are real (they are happening, they created a felt experience) but they are not true. When we are caught in the virtual reality of thinking, we inhabit a sliver of experience that is dissociated from the vividness and vastness and aliveness of the here and now. In the midst of obsessing about our own failings, about what will go wrong, how others perceive us, what’s wrong with others- some inner wisdom reminds us, “real but not true.”  Mindfulness can then reconnect us with the vibrating sensations in our hands, this inflowing breath, the pressure or ache in our heart, and we open to the larger awareness that holds all our thoughts and feelings.      ~Tara Brach

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