to listen deep in the echo

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We need a practice, a way of proceeding, a way of treading the path. A practice has three components: a way of cultivating attention and coming into presence, a way of generating higher levels of energy to power attention, and a set of methods that bring attention to habituated patterns. In the journey metaphor, attention is the ability to walk, energy is food, and bringing attention to habituated patterns corresponds to navigating obstacles in the landscape. An outlook is not a belief. An outlook points to the mystery of being and shows how to open to and live in it. In the practice of presence, the outlook is that we are open awareness, the open awareness of original mind, and all experience consists of arising and subsiding in open awareness. While an outlook provides us with a map that shows us where we can go and how to get there, having the map is not the same thing as making the journey. We still have to tread the path.     ~Ken McLeod

we cannot know what we need when we do not listen…..

inquiry for today~   feel into your bones to listen, to know, to discover your own truth….

quiet dignity

Trading is practice in mindfulness. It slows us down so we may notice the opportunity present in the moment. Through acts of spiritual trading we learn to see that everything is in exchange. Today I will ask for what I need, first by becoming aware of what that is. And I will keep track of my limits, for I am responsible to myself to see that I am indeed asking for what I need and only offering what I can do. Only spiritual trading creates flow. If any one of us stops asking or stops offering, the flow is disrupted and the balance destroyed.   ~Christina Baldwin

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