acceptance & flow


Although there is nothing wrong with experiencing joy in good things when they arise, this obsessive desire to always feel better than I feel at this moment distracts me from my experience of daily life. Yet Zen, over and over, points us back to the realization that this- even this!- is really it. The basic instructions are “Sit down, shut up, and pay attention.” When we resolutely practice following or counting the breath, or the “just sitting” called shikantaza, there is absolutely no room for working on either the gotta-feel-good or gotta-do-good projects. We see those stories coming up, and are invited to release them and come back to this moment, here.

~Julie Nelson

no. just say the word to realize a new boundary around knowing…..

inquiry for today~   being content is a way of leaning in, but remember it only works with truth……

genuine trust

You can spend the rest of your days attempting to become some imagined, perfect person, but I recommend you don’t waste your life striving to become some unattainable version of yourself. You’ll never reach the place of perfection, and that’s perfectly all right. The path to perfection will only lead to exhaustion and disappointment; meanwhile, your actual life will be passing you by. The more peaceful and practical approach is to simply be yourself at every moment, accept that this being human is a messy ordeal, and learn to be ok with getting your hands dirty. There’s no actual happiness to be found in always trying to be someone else at some future time, because the fact is, you’ll never quite get there. Why not instead, show up fully, right here, right now?

~Mark Van Buren

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