more pleasure


The ground of all things is beyond words, but if we use words to describe it, then all we say is that it’s perfect. It’s beautiful. It’s holy. It’s paradise. It’s the garden of compassion. It’s the river of awareness. It is untouched by the primordial forgetfulness, so it is untouched by sorrow and suffering and so it is the land of joy as well. Can we simply pat attention to that ground of all perfection right now, in this moment? If we somehow know how to pay attention to that, the ground of all perfection, right now, that means we are experiencing prajna, the direct seeing, the direct realization of the truth.       ~Anam Thubten

when we remember our deep connection to soul through beauty and wild space……

inquiry for today~   it may behoove you to treat beauty as prayer today……

for all that is beautiful, light, and divine

Enchantment invites us to pause and be arrested by whatever is before us; instead of our doing something, something is done to us. This is the way of the soul, which is primarily the receptive power in us; by letting ourselves be slowed down and affected by nature, we are fashioned into persons of substance, even if at a more active, conscious level we are forcefully engaged in becoming something else.

~Thomas Moore

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