how to be an aesthete


Most people understand a spiritual path to be one that leads “upwards and beyond,” but Jung was aware that it may bring us back into a deeper and creative chaos, a state of origins and beginnings that allows new life to form, a process of transformation that is “a long and wearisome opus,” not a brief and exciting rebirth. Some people don’t have the stomach for it and give it up. Even some spiritual movements embrace a positive psychology exclusively, neglecting the role of disintegration in the making of a soul. A religion of one’s own is a process, not a static state, with forward and backward movements. it is rarely a steady evolution. Like the work of an alchemist, it involves frequent changes a various temperatures, colors, and smells as one adventure follows another.   ~Thomas Moore

it’s so easy to ride the effects of mystery without listening….

inquiry for today~   allow a little room for magic to unfurl and all the while- do your work with softness and kind attention……

like magic

If you want to obtain solar gifts, notice when the sun is ascending in Leo and Aries on the day and hour of the Sun. Then, wearing a solar robe of a golden color and having laurel on your head and, burning the solar aromatics myrhh and incense on an altar, spread flowers like heliotrope on the ground.    ~Francesco Diacetto

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