still life, boxed and framed


Faith, not belief, is the way to approach the mystery of being. Belief is the effort to eliminate the mystery by interpreting experience to accord with what is already conditioned in us. While karma developed into a belief system in many Buddhist cultures, the essential import of the teaching of karma is that we are responsible for the way we experience what arises in our lives. All too easily, the teaching of karma can be misunderstood to mean is that we are responsible for what happens to us. We are not- neither in the traditional belief that we reap the painful results of actions done in past lives nor in the naive modern belief that we choose what we experience. Both interpretations rest on the belief that all our actions are volitional. They ignore that much of what we do is not volitional but based on set patterns of perception and reaction. Karma teaches that these patterns are reinforced by our actions. This approach to karma rests not on belief but on our own experience of the way patterns operate in us.   ~Ken McLeod

have you noticed where longing takes you? have you noticed the beautiful ways the “still life” you create then becomes you…..

inquiry for today~   habits and tender spots are worth noticing and softening……

human yearning

To go in the dark with

a light is to know the light.

To know the dark, go dark.

Go without sight, and find

that the dark, too, blooms

and sings, and is traveled by

dark feet and dark wings.

~Wendell Berry

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