the spectrum of ideal


As we begin to meet life as it is rather than as we think it should be, as we let go of our need to control and continuously interpret our experience, we start to open to life in a completely new way. We become deeply grounded in silence. The nature of this silence is a lack of conflict with life, and the more we open to this state of nonconflict, to this state of inner stillness, we begin to fall into the grace of a different dimension of being- a dimension rooted in a deep intimacy with our own lives and with existence itself.  This newfound perception is grace, where we receive and experience something that arrives from beyond the way we normally perceive life.


when fire meets water, is there any other way?

inquiry for today~   it’s a sweet day, isn’t it?


Vladimir: That passed the time.

Estragon: It would have passed in any case.

Vladimir: Yes, but not so rapidly.

~Samuel Beckett

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