where silence meets surrender


Forgiving ourselves is a process that continues through our whole life. We are so used to replaying the story of what is wrong with ourselves and others that living with a resentful, tight heart can become our most familiar way of being. Thousands of times we might find ourselves caught in stories of what we are doing wrong. Thousands of times we might drop under our blame to where the deeper pain lives. With each round of freeing ourselves through forgiveness, we strengthen our recognition of our basic goodness.    ~Tara Brach

from our simple and direct ways of finding light….

inquiry for today~   from the heavy tears, we know tiny shifts of the heart…..

this way

Eternity is here, always, waiting in the present moment. We must learn how to return to the reality of the present moment even in our most difficult times. In the present moment we can learn to see clearly and kindly. With the great power of this mindfulness, we can become fully present to the unbearable beauty and the inevitable tragedy that makes up every human life. And we can honorably and fully experience this one and only life that we have been given, with all its ups and downs.     ~Jack Kornfield


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